Status That Makes Your Ex Jealous

How To Make Your Ex Jealous – Status That Makes Your Ex Jealous

If you want to get your ex jealous, then there are a few things that can make them feel like they are missing out. It’s important to use these methods in moderation and strategically. Here is our list of the top 5 status updates that will have your ex feeling a bit envious:

1) “I’m going shopping with my best friend today”

2) “Just got back from work!”

3) “I’m at home all day today”

4) “Heard this song on the radio for the first time.”

5) “The sun feels so good outside.”


1. Make a list of all the things that make your ex jealous

Write a list of all the things that make your ex jealous. Write down at least five items to start with, then add more as you come up with them. You can use this list later when deciding what types of posts will be most effective for making your ex feel a bit envious since they are missing out on these experiences and events in your life.

  • Hot new guy/girl in school that you keep hearing about but never get to see
  • New home or apartment they don’t know about yet
  • College acceptance letter
  • A friend’s party that they weren’t invited to and now can’t attend because it was only a one-time event (e.g. to celebrate a birthday)
  • A new job that they don’t know about yet
  • College graduation party, high school reunion or other type of event coming up in the near future.
  • Being pregnant and your ex is not the father but you’re excited about it anyway
  • A really cute video from last weekend that reminds them how much fun you were having without them
  • An old friend from high school that they used to date and now you’re friends with again
  • A great new song or album on repeat for days since it’s so good (you can post the lyrics)
  • Winning a scholarship. Maybe as part of this, give your ex updates about how much closer you are to achieving your goal of getting into the college you want
  • Partying with a bunch of people who go to one school and your ex goes to another. They might see this on their friends’ Facebook walls, unless they don’t follow any high schoolers. If they live in an area where everybody seems to know each other (or if there is only one high school in the area) then this might not be a good idea because it will matter less if they go to that same school or not.

* The sun feels so good outside (because you don’t get much of it where your ex lives, for example).

* Just got back from an awesome vacation

* The new job is so good that they can’t believe you left their company to go do it. When your ex sees this, point out all the reasons why you like where you are now and how much better it was than where they were before (e.g., more money, less hours/work-related stress, less micromanaging).

* You’re pregnant and you don’t know who the father is. You can mention this in a post that will make it seem like you are happy about being pregnant, but your ex knows what’s really going on

* A friend from high school just got engaged and your mom wants to see the pictures

* The new song you’re obsessed with is from a band your ex used to love and they haven’t heard it yet. When posting about this, say that you can’t believe how much better it is than their old stuff

* You just got out of bed after staying in for days because there was nothing on TV to watch


2. Find out what he/she is doing to avoid jealousy, and do the opposite

Doing this will trigger jealousy by reminding your ex of all the things they can’t do. This is especially effective if you are in a position where you have more freedom and opportunities to be on Facebook than they do, or when it’s not frowned upon socially for people to see that much of what their friends post (e.g., in college).

Be careful with this one though, because it can backfire if you spend too much time thinking about the things your ex is doing without you. If they are telling themselves that they’re fine and don’t need anyone else in their life, then reminding them of all these alternatives might make them feel worse instead of better

Use this method if you want to make your ex jealous, but not as a way of making them feel better about the breakup.


3. Stop focusing on how you feel about him/her

This is a long-term goal, but when you stop focusing on how much he/she has hurt you and instead focus on what makes your life better without him/her (e.g., free time to hang out with friends), it will make them jealous in the short term

Again, be careful about this one because if they are in denial about the breakup, they might not be able to see how much better your life is without them.

  • Do nothing
  • Switch from Facebook to a different social media site (e.g., Instagram) or delete your account altogether
  • Start seeing someone else and post pictures with him/her on Facebook so that it’s clear that you’re happy and they are not
  • “Like” all the photos on your ex’s page, but don’t post anything. There is a social rule that says if someone likes every photo of your posts then it means they really miss you or want to be with you again
  • Post pictures of yourself in places where he/she isn’t allowed to go (e.g., on vacation, at an expensive restaurant)
  • Ignore your ex’s posts and don’t like any of them or comment unless it is something neutral that doesn’t have to do with you (e.g., the new season premier episode of a favorite TV show). It will make your ex feel ignored and like you don’t care about them
  • Comment on your ex’s posts with a screenshot of all the things they have done to hurt or betray you in the past. People are usually hesitant to post pictures from their own lives, so this is one way that will make sure they know what he/she has been up to without him/her

4. Focus on your own life and don’t worry about whether or not he/she has moved on yet with someone else.

This will make your ex jealous because they want to be the only one that you are in love with

It will also show them that they made a mistake by letting you go and there is someone better for you out there. It can help him/her see what he/she has lost or if it’s just too late, then it will help you move on by letting him/her know that you are not waiting for them.

It’s important to remember that they may be trying to get back together so if he/she starts making excuses or something, don’t fall for it

If the relationship is over and your ex doesn’t want anything anymore, then this can help you move on by focusing on what you want

Think about it this way: if your ex wants to be with someone else, then they aren’t interested in getting back together. Focus on yourself and don’t worry about him/her anymore because he/she isn’t thinking about you either


The conclusion for this blog post is that you should take your time and get back into dating when you’re ready. It’s important to focus on yourself first before jumping right into another relationship, so it may be a good idea to create boundaries for yourself in the meantime until you are fully healed from what happened with your ex. If things don’t work out as planned, make sure not to let it consume all of your thoughts – instead try focusing on how much better off you’ll feel living life without him or her! In order to avoid being hurt again by them, we recommend making a list of everything he/she does that makes us jealous and following the opposite behavior. Find out whether they are doing anything at all to avoid feeling jealous about you and use that as a way to make yourself feel better.

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